Jeff's Jams and Jellies
Available in the following styles and flavors:
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Maui Coffee Rub
Hibachi Style Rub
Hawaiian Jerk Seasoning
One Jar - $7.50 ea
Close Up of Seasoning
Seasoning as Mixed
Hawaiian Sea Salt mixed with Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt (Hawaiian Red Clay Salt) incorporated with Kiawe Smoke (Mesquite flavor) with ginger, garlic, cracked and chili peppers.
Hawaiian Sea Salt and Alaea Sea Salt (Hawaiian Red Clay Salt). Mixed with Jeff's own Cajun mix. A mixture of 12 different peppers, herbs and spices. A very hot and spicy salt.
A mixture of Alaea and Hawaiian Sea Salt. Mixed with natural cane sugar and a blend of spices and herbs with a smoke flavor seasoning.
Hawaiian Sea Salt and Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt (Hawaiian Red Clay Salt) mixed with garlic, ginger, peppers, natural raw sugar and spices. A spicy and sweet salt.
Hawaiian Sea Salt and Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt (Hawaiian Red Clay Salt) mixed with 15 different herbs and spices.
A combination of Hawaiian Alaea and Sea Salts hand blended with garlic, ginger, cracked and red peppers. A traditional Hawaiian flavored salt.
All Seasoning Salts are made with Hawaiian Salt and Alaea (red clay) Sea Salt. Each flavor is created and hand blended by Jeff. Use them on any type of meats, seafoods and vegetarian dishes. Each flavor can be used with any style of cooking (BBQ, roasting, grilling, etc.), which ever style you prefer. Each jar is sealed with a protected seal and lid.